Eastwood Cook

The Company

Since the studio's formation in 1984, Eastwood Cook has been helping clients to build worlds to experience. Delivering the illusion of reality, with impressive accuracy, the studio brings to life sets and exhibits for the museum, heritage, theatre and exhibition industries.

In-depth research and attention to detail guarantees veracity, together with Eastwood Cook's technical expertise in re-creating artefacts and environments. This degree of involvement ensures a creative contribution to design interpretation.

Whether reconstructing a Viking Long House or building a scale model, painting an exhibition diorama or theatre backdrop, sculpting Celtic crosses or life-like figures, the studio draws together a bespoke team of highly skilled artists and craftsmen to realise each project. The core team of artists and craftsmen, can be expanded to include a further pool of trusted scenic artists and specialist artisans, whose portfolio of skills includes sculpting, model making, painting, mould making, carpentry and metal work.